We are the first personal soccer academy in Orlando. Our goal is to give the best training possible in order our players to succeed in their current teams , train them for the college and professional career.
We all know that all the soccer clubs are trying their best to make the players better but they need to win the games so they will always start the games with better players, and better palyers will get more playing time than the others. If you want your kids to get more playing time , get better and get ready for the next level O.P.S.A. will be the best academy to join.
No, sorry but wait! We want the best for your kid so that is the reason is minumum 8 sessions. We need to get to know our players better and we can work on the weak sides better, stronger sides will be more powerfull, noticable.
Yes, for sure ! you will have %20 off. You are welcome!
Yes, Of course! Nobody did learn playing soccer over night! We will welcome them but min age is 7yrs. old.
Maybe in the future! No, We are not planing to join to any league but we will have indoor teams with the high trained players that we have. It will be very good to watch them together!